US academic proves a big hit

17 October 2011


Leading US academic and BBC Newsnight regular, Professor Sarah Churchwell, delivered a stimulating lecture entitled 'F. Scott Fitzgerald's uncanny intuition and the dying of the American dream in the 21st century.'

The talk from Prof Churchwell, of the University of East Anglia, took place in 68 Hope Street and was the first in the 2011/12 National Identity Lecture Series.

BBC Radio Merseyside’s Roger Phillips gave an opening speech and commented: “This series has provided an excellent public forum to bring together a diverse range of speakers to discuss one of the central issues of the modern world; national identity.”  Prof Churchwell with Dr Price

Prof Churchwell was then introduced by Dr Jo Price, an expert in American Literature who emphasised her contribution to the subject.

Sarah's lecture explored how F. Scott Fitzgerald’s critique of the flaws of the financiers  who engineered the 1929 Wall Street Crash has clear parallels with the current world banking crisis in the USA and its continuing consequences for the world economy.

Pictured (from left): Prof Churchwell and Dr Price

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