The Automatic resurrects ancient technique for positive impact

09 November 2011

The team at LJMU’s creative facilitation space, The Automatic is achieving meaningful benefits for clients by using an ancient structure - a labyrinth.

The labyrinth - an ancient , reflective path - has been utilised more and more in recent years as a development tool for individuals and teams. The Liverpool Screen School has been using a 30ft diameter, portable hand painted canvas labyrinth for structured reflection and for fostering creativity with staff and students.

Last year this labyrinth was successfully used as part of the final day of a leadership course for Small to Medium Sized Enterprise owners hosted in The Automatic. The positive reactions that were generated led The Automatic team to develop workshops around the labyrinth for clients from the public, private and social sectors. These now include a one day introduction to the labyrinth and bespoke sessions designed to meet the specific needs of clients.

For example, a recent session with a global manufacturing company saw The Automatic team facilitating a labyrinth session as part of a 4 day European Career Development session for European managers.

The Automatic team also recently built and facilitated a candle lit labyrinth for Bury Council’s Light Night festival. The event was a sure-fire hit, attracting in the region of 2000 visitors who 'walked' the labyrinth.

IT Managed Services Limited also undertook a labyrinth session at The Automatic and Phil Taylor, Managing Director said:

"As I walked the labyrinth, I discovered a wonderful metaphor for life: people ahead and behind me on the same path. From time to time I found myself feeling really overwhelmed by a large number of people apparently coming toward me - but I needn't have worried because none of them were actually on my path - they simply went past me on either side. This was really significant to me and chimed with a comment I had heard "don't fear the shadows" - often it's our imagination of things unreal that make us fearful and hold us back. Sometimes I had to step aside and give way to those coming back toward me. Walking the labyrinth was a real 'experience'."

Kirsty Barr, LJMU Business Development Manager added:

"A labyrinth offers space and opportunity to still the busy mind, allows insights to emerge and encourages people to engage in creative reflective practice. We are finding that labyrinth sessions are proving positive and impactful for a variety of purposes and we look forward to helping more teams and organisations with this innovative approach to learning and self development."

For further information, contact Kirsty Barr on: 07968 422451 or email:

Pictured above: Labyrinth for the Light Night festival in Liverpool

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