Postgraduate Autumn Fair positively received

29 November 2011

At the recent LJMU Postgraduate Autumn Fair, the Art and Design Academy opened its doors to prospective students interested in postgraduate programmes offered across the University.

The team talked to 120 attendees about investing in their future through postgraduate study at LJMU. Feedback from both staff and those who attended the event was extremely positive.

Image of Uiniversity Faculty bannersSonia Sellars, Postgraduate Account Manager, Student Recruitment and Widening Access team said:

"It was really encouraging to see so many LJMU students and visitors interested in pursuing a postgraduate course, realising that postgraduate study opens doors, helps boosts job prospects and brings people closer to achieving their lifetime goals."

This event will be followed later in the year by course specific events across the University. To find out more about promoting new or existing postgraduate programmes, contact Sonia Sellars, email:  tel: 904 6483.

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