Employability Forum: 'finding out about the HEAR'

06 December 2011

The next Employability Forum will take place on Thursday 15 December, 1.00 to 2.30pm in Training Room 1, 5th Floor, Kingsway House.

This will provide an opportunity to find out about developments at LJMU with the Higher Education Achievement Report. From 2011-2012, in common with many other UK Higher Education Institutions, LJMU will be introducing the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), both as a final record of achievement and a means for supporting ongoing progress review. As part of national developments in measuring and recording student achievements, the HEAR is seen as an opportunity to provide a richer narrative of both what a graduate has studied and their achievements within and outside of the curriculum.

Learning from the NSS: Work-related Learning
The Academic Practice Team within the Academic Enhancement Unit have analysed the positive and negative student open (free text) comments from the NSS and LJMU Level 4 and Level 5 Student Surveys ('Mirror Surveys'). Students clearly value the opportunities provided for placements, practical work and other forms of work-related learning. Headline themes associated with work-related learning will be presented.

If you would like to attend this Forum then please email aeunit@ljmu.ac uk to book a place orcall ext: 8101

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