Inaugural Professorial Lecture: Frank McDonough

17 January 2012

The Director of the School of Humanities and Social Science, Dr Joe Yates, has the pleasure of inviting you to attend the inaugural lecture of Frank McDonough, Professor of International History.

Date: Monday 23 January
Venue: Room G07, 68 Hope Street
Drinks reception from 5.00pm, lecture commences at 5.30pm (finishing at approximately 6.30pm)

Sophie Scholl: A woman for all seasons

Frank will be talking about how he went about researching and writing the book Sophie Scholl: A woman for all seasons, and then telling the story of Sophie’s life.

Image of book cover for Sophi Scholl a woman for all seasons by Frank McDonoughSophie Scholl, a 21 year old student, was a member of a non-violent anti Nazi resistance group called the White Rose, based at Munich University. They wrote and circulated six anti Nazi leaflets between May 1942 and February 1943. On 18 February 1943, Sophie and her brother Hans were arrested while distributing leaflets outside the lecture halls of the main university building. After a quick trial by the 'People's Court' they were executed by guillotine four days later. By unearthing significant new evidence contained in letters, diaries, Gestapo interrogation files and by interviewing key survivors, including her sister Elisabeth, this lecture examines the evolution of Sophie Scholl from her involvement in the Hitler Youth, to her growing moral outrage against the brutality of the Nazi regime, by revealing the debt she owed to her father, who had always opposed the Nazi regime and the moral, philosophical and religious influences which led to her not only becoming increasingly critical of the regime, but to risk her life by trying to get the German public to turn against the Nazi regime. It will be emphasised that Sophie Scholl's life is not just a story of the past, but a prime example of selfless bravery that stands as an inspiration to all those who opposed dictatorial regimes.

If you would like to attend the lecture you must RSVP to Joan Gregory ext: 5148 or email:

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