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19 January 2012

The Broadcast and Media Group within the School of Engineering, Technology and Maritime Operations recently had their work on the performance 'Romeo Echo Delta', which duped the public into believing that aliens had landed in Merseyside, featured on one of ITV's reviews of the year shows, 'Tweets of the Year'.

Image of lasers across dark Liverpool skyThe massive laser and arc lights added atmosphere during the programme (photo credits: Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard). The Broadcast and Media Group was the hub for a recording of this secret drama unleashed on the unsuspecting audience of BBC Radio Merseyside on Halloween last year, in much the same way that the celebrated Orson Welles version of War of the Worlds drama was broadcast in 1938. The performance, produced for the Abandon Normal Devices Festival based at FACT by globe-trotting artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, centred on a radio chat show studio when a mysterious red light appeared over Birkenhead. Iain and Jane are currently in the running for the prestigious 'Samsung Plus Art Prize'. You can help them towards the Peoples Prize by voting here which also links to Facebook and Twitter.


The producers were looking for a suitable location and technical expertise to get the show recorded for the BBC and chose the Broadcast and Media Group. The LJMU group specialises in providing technical expertise to complement the artistic aspects of audio, video and broadcast media. The recording sessions took place in the group's own radio studio at Byrom Street. 

Image of Skillset logoCourse Leader, BSc Broadcast and Media Production, Colin Robinson, commented:
"RED was one of those extra special projects that don't come along very often. Judging from the responses and enquiries I've had from people all over the world since the broadcast went out, it has certainly caught the imagination and 'WoWed' a great many people across the media."

At LJMU we are always looking for innovative ways to ensure that our Broadcast and Media production courses deliver the sort of experience that can excite and engage so we are delighted to announce that Iain and Jane have accepted a position on our Course Advisory Panel alongside others such as producers from the BBC and technical directors from SKY. They will be helping to ensure that we can continue to deliver programmes that bridge the gap that is often found between the arts and the engineering aspects of the media and that students can obtain a first-hand insight and understanding of how both technical and artistic excellence need to be married together to make an impact that meets the needs of the industry and the World of Work. Listen to the ITV broadcast (approx. 21 minutes in) at: http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=298049

You can see the original complete News Story that first appeared in November here

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