Immigration changes from 6 April 2012

20 February 2012

The Post Study Work visa scheme closes on 5 April 2012 and this is the last date that you can make your application.

The maintenance levels required for a Tier 4 (General) Student application will be higher from 6 April, and will go from £600 per month to £800 per month (for students studying outside of London). The Tier 4 application fee is also increasing to £394 for a Postal application and £716 for an in-person application. Students will now be able to apply in country for visas for their dependants who were born in the UK.

There will be a cap on the number of years an international student can stay in the UK studying at degree level. This will, in most cases, be a maximum of 5 years. However there will be a few exceptions.

Further details can be found on the UKBA website or by emailing

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