LJMU further develops connections with RIBA

05 March 2012

LJMU’s School of Art and Design is hosting one of the world’s most prestigious architectural education exhibitions.

On Monday, March 5, the RIBA President’s Medals exhibition will open at the University’s Art and Design Academy, which is free for members of the public to attend.

The RIBA President’s Medals, awarded to outstanding architecture students, are considered the most prestigious and long-lasting architectural education awards. The exhibition at the ADA features the work of this year’s award entries.

The aim of the awards is to promote excellence in the study of architecture. Each year, students aspire to be selected by their school to enter for the medals and for the opportunity for their work to be recognised and publicly exhibited.

Schools of architecture can nominate up to two entries for the Bronze Medal, up to two for the Silver Medal, and one for the Dissertation Medal. In 2011, the RIBA invited the largest number of schools of architecture in the history of the awards (300 schools from over 60 countries) resulting in the highest ever number of entries.

Juan Cruz, Acting Director for the School of Art and Design, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this exhibition of the RIBA President's Medals 2011. The medals reward talent and encourage architectural debate around the world. An eminent panel of judges has selected the winners of this competition as well as the runners-up, all of whom we see here today through their work. We are very proud to see the work of our own students - Anna Drakes, Zaynib Khan and Jonathan Woodward - in the exhibition.

"We are also very pleased to extend our collaboration with the RIBA here in the North West. Belinda Irlam-Mowbray is the Chair of the School's Advisory Board and has been tireless in her support of the school her and her advocacy of architecture graduates.

"Aspiring architects, artists and designers come to us with a passion to work in fields that they find inspiring and which they trust will sustain them in productive and creative lives. We are developing schemes to support architects and other emerging creative practitioners to remain in their chosen field through challenging times for the sector. These schemes are generously supported by the RIBA and firms such as Urban Splash, who share our passion and commitment to the importance of sustaining emerging practitioners within their chosen field of activity."

RIBA - the Royal Institute of British Architects – is the oldest and most influential architectural institution in the world. It reaches a worldwide audience of individuals and organisations interested in the development of architecture, design and the built environment. The RIBA has over 43,000 members internationally, including 13,000 student members.

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