Fellow of Designer Bookbinders visits LJMU

06 March 2012

Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, Mark Cockram, visits and teaches on the BA (Hons) History of Art Course.

Image of LJMU students in bookbinding workshop with Mark CockramThis week, the BA (Hons) History of Art programme hosted a special workshop on bookbinding by expert bookbinder/book artist, Mark Cockram (Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, Member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen, and Brother of the Art Workers Guild).

This was organised by Level 6 History of Art student, Linda Jones, who has been working with Mark on the 'Liverpool Doors' exhibition that is showing now at the new Museum of Liverpool. Mark gave a talk and showed a film about his work, but also taught two hours of hands-on bookbinding. This was offered, not just to History of Art students, but to students from across the School of Art and Design.

Programme Leader, Dr Emma Roberts commented:

"Linda has been working on the 'Liverpool Doors' project with Liverpool poet, Roger McGough, for her final, assessed Major Project. This in itself was a rare and valuable opportunity but it has now also led to an unusual extra-curricular event being held for the students on the programme and for any other interested students in the School of Art and Design. Mark was a dynamic speaker and a fascinating bookbinding tutor and he showed us that his work is fine art as well as craft. These sorts of events are very helpful for the History of Art students, as so many of them are also art practitioners. I would like to thank Linda for arranging this for the History of Art course."

Further information about Mark Cockram is available at: www.markcockrambooks.co.uk and his Studio 5 blogsite is: www.studio5bookbindingandarts.blogspot.com

You may also view a YouTube film of him working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XChr9Ec3vqA

For more details about the 'Liverpool Doors' exhibition and LJMU students' involvement, visit the following links:



Pictured: LJMU students in workshop with Mark Cockram

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