Invite to talk & discussion: Farah Faizal on the Maldives

29 March 2012

You may have read of the recent coup d’état which occurred in the Maldives. The President, Mohamed Nasheed, was forced to resign at gunpoint and following his detention there have been fears for his safety and security.

Some months ago, Liverpool John Moores University decided to award Mohamed Nasheed an Honorary Fellowship and to confer the award when he was able to visit Liverpool. This was in recognition of the role he played in spear-heading the democracy movement in his country and which led to his imprisonment, to solitary confinement, and to torture.

But, we had a further reason for wanting to recognise Mohamed Nasheed’s achievements. He is a highly esteemed graduate of Liverpool John Moores University, studying here between 1984 and 1989.

We have, therefore, followed events in this Commonwealth country with more than passing interest. Significantly, in the aftermath of the coup, the High Commissioner of the Maldives to the UK, Farah Faizal, announced her immediate resignation.

Dr Faizal has kindly agreed to visit Liverpool to describe the situation in the Maldives and to draw attention to the plight of Mohamed Nasheed.

On behalf of LJMU's Roscoe Foundation for Citizenship, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nigel Weatherill, will host a talk and discussion about what has occurred. This will take place as follows:

Date: Monday 2 April 2012
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Roscoe Room, Egerton Court, 2 Rodney Street 

There is a capacity of sixty places and seats will be awarded on a strictly first-come, first-served basis (restricted to one ticket per person).

If you would like to attend please contact Barbara Mace, email:  or call 0151 231 3852

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