Open Labs: Body Lab Workshop

26 March 2012

Open Labs continues its work to forge successful collaborations between University expertise and local digital and creative businesses.

Image of workshop for LJMU Open Labs Body Lab dayResearchers from the School of Natural Sciences and Psychology spent a hands-on 'Body Lab' day with a group of independent technologists, demonstrating how real-time physiological data can be used to influence the user experience. This growing area of research is already having an impact on the design of games, mobile applications and self-tracking systems.

Dr Stephen Fairclough, School of Natural Sciences and Psychology commented:

"Body Lab was an excellent platform to share our research with an audience beyond academia and discuss potential applications. There's clearly an opportunity for further collaboration with Open Labs and local digital and creative technology companies."

You can hear more about the workshops' subject matter in this podcast of an interview with LJMU researchers Dr Stephen Fairclough and Kiel Gilleade (access the transcript of the interview here).

Read more about their research on their blog.

If you like the sound of these events and would like to find out more, check out the Open Labs' events programme at: or email Lindsay Sharples: for further information.

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