Dr David Lowe on The One Show

17 April 2012

LJMU's LLB Programme Leader Dr David Lowe, was interviewed on the BBC's The One Show last night on the issue of surveillance and counter-terrorism.

David, who is also a terrorism, policing, transnational crime and human rights expert, commented on the Draft Bill that has been put forward for the Queen's Speech. This will allow the Government to monitor emails, internet use and communication channels.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01glt6f/The_One_Show_16_04_2012/ (David's interview is at approx 6 minutes)

David's main research interests are terrorism, policing, transnational crime and human rights. Most of this emanates from David's previous occupation as a police officer with Merseyside Police, where he worked for 25 years.

Image of Dr David LoweDue to his research in the area and his experience of working in counter-terrorism, David is regularly contacted by the media for his expert opinion on terrorist incidents. David has provided expert commentary on aspects of policing and human rights to the online newspaper politics.co.uk and to The Guardian, on the policing tactics during the riots in the UK in August 2011. His services as a terrorism specialist were asked for by KGO Newstalk radio station in San Francisco, USA on the topic of intelligence usage by security services in counter-terrorism. KGO also interviewed him for a live phone-in on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. He was interviewed by BBC Radio Merseyside on the Caucasian terror threat to Russia following the bomb explosion in Moscow Airport in January 2011 and in March 2011 over the resurgence of Irish terrorism. He has also taken part in interviews in Bratislava with coverage on Assange and European arrest warrants. Following the death of Bin Laden in April 2011, he was interviewed by Radio Merseyside and Radio City in Liverpool.

Dr David Lowe can be contacted on:

Telephone: +44 (0) 151 231 3918 or 07528192637
Email: D.Lowe@ljmu.ac.uk

Research areas for media comment:

  • security provisions with the Olympics
  • negotiations with the Taliban over peace in Afghanistan
  • increase in activity by Irish dissident groups, in particular the Real IRA and their potential to carry out terrorist attacks on the British mainland
  • Jihadist groups and Al Qaeda

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