Want to refresh your occupational and industrial knowledge? 'World of Work Uncovered' for LJMU teaching and non-teaching staff

18 April 2012

The World of Work Programme aims to bring students and staff closer to the world of work. Do you want to update or refresh your occupational and industrial knowledge? The intention is to offer LJMU staff 'World of Work Uncovered' observation/shadowing opportunities at the end of Semester Two between 12 June and 6 July at a time convenient for you, or alternatively throughout the summer.

The World of Work Careers Centre Brokerage Team is taking expressions of interest from staff to observe/work shadow individuals in preferred organisations. The duration of the observation/shadowing could range from one day to one week. If you want to update your knowledge of a profession or sector why not let the World of Work Careers Centre arrange things for you?

For further information email Brokerage@ljmu.ac.uk or call 8048

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