In The Red celebrates tenth anniversary

27 April 2012

For the last decade Level 6 LJMU Creative Writing students have taken on the production and editing of a highly successful magazine, In The Red, which brings together a wide range of local and worldwide writing.

This week they celebrated the launch of the tenth anniversary edition at the Art and Design Academy with an event that saw readings and music from some of the contributors displaying the powerful, fun and thought provoking pieces within the magazine.

Image of Lina Valutyte speaking at In The Red eventThe editorial team, consisting of Claudia Friedrich, Jack B.C Tasker and Lina Valutyte also secured Nobel Prize winning author Gunter Grass to write a speech for this anniversary edition.

In The Red has published the work of many local writers, including Roger McGough and has also created many national and international links for the city with contributions from writers like Frank Turner, Paul Magrs, Henry Rollins, Dave Eggers and Allan Stratton.

The editorial team comment on this anniversary edition within the magazine:

"As editors of the tenth anniversary edition we wanted to create an issue that celebrated the past, but also had its own personal feel, reflecting the current economic and political climate.

"In this issue, you have writers talking about the politics of love, religion and art, the intricacies of navigating modern life and the workings of nostalgia.

"As editors we come from hugely different backgrounds, Lithuania, Germany and England, but we found shared beliefs and ideologies that helped forge us into a solid team."

The introduction was written by LJMU Graduate and successful poet Janette Stowell and Kersti Worsley who invented In the Red. An extract from this states:

"Without the commitment of the editors over the last ten years (thank you all) and the support of the Creative Writing department at Liverpool John Moores University (thank you all too), it could easily – after that first Spring issue – have withered. Instead, it has blossomed."

Jim Friel, LJMU Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader for the MA in Writing commented:

"This is a fantastic creative outlet for students but also a brilliant opportunity for them to gain important skills around promotion and publicity of their work. From getting in touch with contributors to directing designers and organising events, the students are effectively running a business in addition to producing outstanding pieces of writing. I am delighted to see In The Red:Ten, and would like to congratulate everyone involved, and look forward to many more editions of this magazine."

The free magazine is available from News from Nowhere, The Egg Cafe, The Bluecoat and LJMU Dean Walters Building.

The submissions are open to anyone, not just students or published writers.

If you want to submit to In The Red 11 please email  deadline: 31 January 2013
For information about the LJMU Centre for Writing visit:
Music at the launch event was provided by L.A Invasion and Riain Egan.
 Image of Claudi Friedrich speaking at In The Red event
Image of Jack Tasker speaking at In The Red event

Pictured: Lina Valutyte, Jack B.C Tasker, Claudia Friedrich.

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