Telephone scam targets international students

30 July 2012

The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) warns of telephone fraud campaign that is targeting international students.

UKCISA say that typically, a student will receive a call from someone who says they work for the UK Border Agency (UKBA). The callers have used a range of fake names including 'Eric Wilson ' and Mike Watson'.

The caller may appear genuine, and they may have some limited information about you, for example your passport number. The caller may say that there is a problem with your pending immigration application or with your current visa, and they may ask for debit or credit card details to pay a fine immediately, which they will say is to prevent further action or investigation by the UKBA.

UKBA would not approach an applicant or migrant in this way and the UKBA doesn't have a system of fines or penalties.

If you receive a call, UKCISA advise:

  • Not to give the caller any personal information and do not confirm that any information they have is correct
  • Do not make any payment over the phone
  • Ask the caller for their name, job title and number and say you will ring them back - but don't ring them back
  • Report the call to your international student adviser, who may report the fraud to the police and to the UKBA on your behalf. You may also report the matter to the police or to the UKBA yourself

If you would like to report a call, or require advice or support, email: or call: 0151 904 6050

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