Childcare vouchers


Liverpool John Moores University offers childcare vouchers using the kidsunlimited virtual vouchers scheme.  These allow you to save money on the cost of your childcare.  

In June 2010 the emergency budget announced major changes in the amounts of childcare vouchers allowed for higher (40%) and top rate (50%) tax payers. These changes are due to come into effect on 6 April 2011. Please click here to download a PDF document with more information.

Childcare vouchers are exempt from tax and national insurance (up to a capped value of £243 per month).

Those who participate in the scheme have the value of their vouchers deducted from their gross salary each month - up to a maximum of £243.  The University will transfer this money to kidunlimited and they will pay your childcarer within four working days.  If you participate in the scheme at the maximum level of £243 per month, basic rate tax payers could save up to £962 per year and higher rate tax payers could save up to £1,195 per year.

virtualvouchers can be used for any registered childcare provision - childminders, after school clubs, as well as day nurseries which may care for your child up to the age of 16.  To be eligible, nannies must register through the childcare approval scheme.

All employees of LJMU who receive a regular monthly salary from the University and who have parental responsibility for any child(ren) - including stepchildren - are eligible to join the scheme.

For full details of the scheme, including a savings calculator, please look at the virtual vouchers website 


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