Childcare vouchers

Liverpool John Moores University Childcare Voucher scheme is managed by Computershare Salary Extras

As a working parent, you could start saving on the cost of your childcare, thanks to an employee benefit that the University offers to their staff with children.

The childcare voucher scheme from Computershare Voucher Services is available to all eligible working parents who pay for registered childcare.

Did you know?

Childcare vouchers can be used to pay for childcare for children up to the age of 15

Both parents can request childcare vouchers, giving a potential family saving of £1,866 a year (depending on circumstances)

All  tax-payers can benefit from childcare vouchers

Not just for nurseries, childcare vouchers are accepted by out of school clubs, holiday clubs, holiday providers such as PGL, Camp Beaumont and Supercamps and some school-based activities.

So whether you’ve got toddlers, teenagers or both, you could be saving money by requesting childcare vouchers.


Click on the link below to sign up to the scheme or call: 0845 002 1111 (Mon-Fri 8.00am to 8.00pm) and quote the correct scheme ID  which is 19231626

access your voucher account at the new web address.


If  you have any further queries please contact Norah Hignett, HR Team Leader on 0151 904 6133 or email:


LJMU Childcare Vouchers Information Booklet.
















This site is currently under review and will be available shortly.

In the meantime if you have any queries regarding childcare vouchers please contact Norah Hignett in the HR Department on 0151-904-6133 or email


Page last modified 05 February 2015.

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