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The details of Staff Training Sessions available in the Academic Year 2014/2015 will be advertised on this webpage.
Student Governance are currently arranging dates for staff training sessions for 2014/2015.

If you have any queries about Staff training in relation to Student Governance Procedures please contact Claire Williams on 0151 904 6073 or by email at


Student Governance Delivered the Following Training sessions is 2013/2014.

The PowerPoint Slides for these sessions are available here.

Investigation Protocols
Informal briefing session to support staff involved in investigations allegations and complaints by students and aiming to enhance understanding of the investigation process and improve skills in collating evidence, conducting interviews, reaching a decision and writing

Academic Misconduct Panel Training
Informal briefing session to support staff involved in the AMP process, aiming to brief staff in the AMP process and ensuring AMP's are conducted with transparency and fairness and to improve the skills of staff in presenting evidence, conducting AMP's, presenting at AMP's and reaching decisions.

Responding to Student Appeals

This session aims to enhance understanding of the appeals procedure and ensure that staffs responding to appeals are aware of key factors required in gathering evidence, decision making and writing formal responses capable of withstanding external scrutiny.

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