Academic Misconduct (AMP)

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct is deemed to cover all forms of cheating, plagiarism and unauthorised collusion.  This includes attempts to cheat, plagiarise, collude and any other deliberate attempts(s) to gain an unfair advantage in assessments.  Assessment includes all forms of written work (including in-class tests), e-assessments, presentations, demonstrations, viva voces, recognition of prior learning portfolios and all forms of examination.

The Academic Framework Regulations Section C5 provides information on definitions of academic misconduct.

All types of academic misconduct are considered to be serious and penalties can range from the reduction of module marks to expulsion from the University.

The Academic Misconduct Process and Penalty Tariff is outlined in the Academic Framework Regulations Section C5

The Academic Misconduct Policy is available by clicking here

The Guidance notes on the operation of Academic Misconduct Panels are available by clicking here.

Guidance Notes on Appealing decisions of Academic Misconduct Panels and Appeals Forms ara available by clicking here.

Students are advised to read the Academic Framework Regulations and associated guidance notes.

Independent advice on Academic Misconduct procedures is available from the Liverpool Students' Union.
Liverpool SU Advice Webpage

Telephone Number: 0151 231 4900


Page last modified 21 October 2014.

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