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Liverpool John Moores University [LJMU] is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study and provides academic and support services to facilitate the achievement of your target award. However, we recognise that from time to time students may wish to raise issues regarding the academic, administrative, support or other services provided by the University.

Often, complaints can be quickly resolved if they are raised promptly with the service directly involved or with the relevant staff member. Students are expected to try and resolve any complaints locally with the relevant Faculty, School, Student Administration Centres or Department, in the first instance.

There are strict deadlines for submitting complaints.

Local complaints (Stage 1) should be made within 30 working days of the alleged incident, matter or concern.

Formal complaints (Stage 2) to Student Governance should be made within 3 calendar months of the alleged incident, matter or concern.

If a complaint is submitted outside the advertised deadlines then the complaint will be deemed out of time and the University reserves the right not to progress the complaint

To Download the Student Complaints Procedure, Guidance Notes and the Complaint Form please click here.

Please note that the SG WebPages version of this document is the only version that is maintained. Any printed copies should be viewed as 'uncontrolled' and as such may not necessarily contain the latest updates and amendments.

The Student Complaints Procedure is approved and endorsed by LJMU Academic Board and conforms to the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Quality Code.

The Procedure is managed by the Student Governance (SG), which is independent from LJMU Faculties and Schools.

To discuss the Student Complaints Procedure please contact Student Governance on telephone number 0151 231 8096

Independent Advice and Guidance is available from Liverpool Students' Union on telephone number 0151 231 4900 or by email at

Further information is also available on Liverpool SU Academic Advice WebPage



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