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The Marketing and Corporate Communications Team is responsible for all aspects of marketing at a corporate level including:

  • Market research
  • Corporate communications i.e. the public position and perception of the University
  • Internal and external communications including specific campaigns relating to change management and the introduction of new corporate systems
  • Media and Public Relations including crisis management and communications
  • Advertising and public awareness campaigns
  • Corporate Literature (including all recruitment materials)
  • Graphic design, brand evolution and cost effective print buying
  • Corporate gifts and branded PR products
  • Web design and development, corporate content and style evolution
  • Rich Media and DVD development including the LJMU image archive, filming and editing

We develop communication and media strategies for the key areas of growth identified in the Strategic Plan including:  World of Work, the capital development programme and related building projects; collaborative programmes; international recruitment; corporate training and closed client groups; promotion of research, development funding and recruitment activities.

The corporate reputation of the University is a key component in successful recruitment, not only of students, but of world class staff, business and academic partnerships. LJMU must compete locally, regionally and nationally and the work of the Marketing and Corporate Communications team provides the focus for the critical activities necessary to gain maximum profile, exposure and awareness in order to make an impact with all key stakeholders.

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