Careers and employability advice and training

LJMU’s World of Work Careers Centre is a dedicated training and development facility for students and graduates of the University. The World of Work Careers Centre hosts regular fairs, masterclasses and networking events which enable students to meet and network with employers.

Our year-round Ready for Work Programme covers areas such as CV writing, application and selection centre techniques, psychometric testing and filmed mock interviews. In addition, the University’s career and employability advisers, trainers and business advisers provide both group and one-to-one support in the World of Work Careers Centre and in each of the three campus Learning Resource Centres.

LJMU continues to support the employability of our graduates long after they have left the University via the Alumni Association, which offers personal and career development sessions, regional events, webinars and access to job vacancies.

Page last modified 14 September 2012.

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