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Travel planning

These web pages aim to keep you up to date with LJMU's travel planning initiatives, give information about travelling to all our sites and provide links to internal and external schemes to assist your travel to and around the university.

The aims of LJMU's Travel Plan were agreed in 2005 and reinforced for the 2009/10 to 2012/13 Institutional Travel Plan.   The LJMU Institutional Travel Plan for 2009/2010 - 2012/13 was approved in April 2010.

The aims are to:-

  • Improve access to all LJMU buildings.
  • Ease the car parking problems at the University.
  • Put measures in place to reduce the negative impact on the environment by encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport.
  • Reduce the number of single occupant car journeys and car dependency.

Why Travel Plan?

Travel plans incorporate a range of measures aimed at promoting more sustainable forms of travel such as cycling, walking, public transport and car sharing.  There are socio-economic benefits in terms of health / wellbeing and saving money.  Travel planning can also help reduce the negative impact on the environment in which we live, work and study - reducing carbon emissions, tackling climate change and cutting congestion across Merseyside.   LJMU's Travel Plan includes targets and initiatives that will be monitored and reviewed regularly.    


LJMU's Travel Planning

LJMU's first formal Travel Plan was put in place in June 2005.

The original plan set out a number of initiatives to encourage alternative forms of commuter travel away from single car occupancy.  The success of this plan was recognised when LJMU won the Best Travel Plan award in the Merseyside Transport Awards 2007.

Since then, Infrastrucutre Planning has continued to develop LJMU's travel planning to include commuter, business and fleet travel including coaches.  The formal designation of three main campus areas and the results of the 2009 Travel Survey of staff and students have led to three separate campus plans with an overarching Institutional Travel Plan.  The Institutional Travel Plan was approved by SMG in April 2010.

We now have a separateTravel Plan for each campus area.  These are available on the Travel Plan Sharepoint site.  If you would like access to the site or further information please contact Travel Plan.

Please send any questions, comments or suggestions you have for LJMU's Travel Plans to Travel Plan.


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