Applying for a Scholarship

Our unique Sports Scholarship scheme provides comprehensive performance and lifestyle support to students with proven sporting and athletic ability

Weightlifting Sport ScholarSports Scholars at LJMU receive the same Sports Science expertise that LJMU already provides to world renowned senior international athletes and professional teams. 

The Scholarships are open to both current and prospective LJMU students, on any undergraduate or postgraduate course. The information below outlines the eligibility criteria and support given, along with how to apply.


Sporting Criteria

  • LJMU encourages applications from elite athletes competing in any recognised BUSA, World University Games, Commonwealth games and Olympic games sport. LJMU will offer Sports Scholarship support to athletes from sports that LJMU is best equipped to provide for, in terms of ‘coaching expertise’, ‘sports science expertise’ and ‘facilities’.
  • Junior or Senior International standard athletes from all sports are encouraged to apply, as are athletes competing at elite club level.
  • It should be noted that the competitive level benchmarks detailed above serve as preliminary guidelines for the level of athlete eligible to apply. Meeting these guidelines does not guarantee an LJMU Sports Scholarship.
  • Sports Scholars will have the potential and dedication to reach world-class potential or performance level (or equivalent) in their sport.

Academic Criteria

  • Sports Scholarships are available to both existing LJMU students and prospective LJMU students. The Sports Scholarship Scheme is university-wide. Students applying for an LJMU Sports Scholarship can study any LJMU course both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  • LJMU Sports Scholars are athletes who have fulfilled the normal academic requirements for undergraduate or postgraduate entry and are enrolled on an LJMU course.
  • Sports Scholars must make satisfactory progress in both their sporting and academic pursuits to have their Scholarship renewed annually

Scholarship Support

Scholarship support is designed to help the scholars in every aspect of their sport while at the University. The scheme provides scholars with:

Sport Performance Support

  • Specialist Sports Science support:
    • A range of fitness tests and profiling
    • Strength and conditioning programmes
    • Nutritional advice/Hydration consultation
    • Mental training/Sport Psychology support
    • Individual or opposition match/technique analysis
    • Regularly scheduled Sports Science seminars on latest relevant issues
  • Year-round and unlimited access to 13 Lifestyles Gyms and Fitness Centres, courtesy of Liverpool City Council
  • A range of LJMU-branded sports kit
  • Support for competition and training-related travel, accommodation, kit and equipment
  • Privileged access to University sport facilities
  • Privileged accesses to University sport massage facilities
  • High-profile recognition and reward, including enrolment into the unique LJMU Sports Scholarship Hall of Fame

Lifestyle Support

At LJMU we understand the difficulty in balancing the demands of university life, studying, training and competing. Our innovative scheme provides Sports Scholars with unparalleled support and flexible programmes to enable talented and ambitious athletes to excel in both academic and sporting pursuits. 

Through the assistance of personally assigned mentors we will ease the burden on scholars to provide the necessary lifestyle support and academic flexibility to effectively balance study, training and competition commitments.

  • Individually assigned sports mentors dedicated to coordinating scholars' athletic and academic schedules
  • Travel passes (bus, train, ferry) to aid journeys to training, competition and study venues across Merseyside courtesy of Merseytravel

How to Apply

Applications for a Sports Scholarship should be made via the application form either online or by post. All first applications must be received before 12 May in the year in which you intend to start your degree. The completed application form should be returned to the Sports Scholarship Manager at the address below.

Two references will be required. On your application form you should provide contact details for both a sporting reference and an academic reference. LJMU’s Sports Scholar Application Group will meet in May to shortlist applications and make conditional scholarships offers. Conditional offers will be confirmed as soon as entry to your desired course or progression to the next level of your current course has been verified.

Should you apply to LJMU and not meet the academic requirements for your course, all Sports Scholarship offers and agreements will be null and void.

Selection for the Sports Scholarship will be based on current and past performance, commitment and determination to succeed as well as maintenance of academic standards. Please ensure you highlight your ability to achieve in these areas in the application form.

LJMU requires notification of any current contracts with clubs or sponsors. This is to ensure that involvement in LJMU’s Sport Scholarship Scheme does not jeopardise other agreements.

Application form

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Page last modified 16 April 2014.

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